“Don’t find customers for your products,

find products for your customers”


Startups and Entrepreneurs

SEED LaunchPad for Startups


If you are a start-up or an entrepreneur with a business idea looking to launch your business, you have already heard of the Lean LaunchPad. This hands-on, 6 weeks program provides real world learning on how to reduce commercialization risk in early-stage ventures.

“6 week program provides real world learning”


By getting out of the building and talking to over 100 potential customers and partners, teams rapidly:

  • Develop a set of hypotheses describing their assumptions regarding the business model for their proposed tech startup;
  • Define clinical utility and a distinct value proposition for their technology before investing significant time and money;
  • Understand the technology’s core and secondary customers, purchase influences, and best channels to reach and retain customers;
  • Learn the regulatory and reimbursement processes required for initial clinical sales and downstream commercialization;
  • Assess intellectual property and regulatory risk;
  • Identify key activities, resources and partners that would be needed to bring technology closer to commercialization;
  • Know the data that will be required by future partners and collaborators before doing the science;
  • Understand the most important associated costs and identify a revenue model;
  • Identify financing vehicles before they are needed.

The outcome of the class is an investment-ready business model and commercialization plan for the idea or technology that the team has been exploring. Equally important is the experiential and evidence-based learning that will inform and shape the way you tackle your future ventures.