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SEED LaunchPad for Accelerators

SEIC fast tracks the entrepreneurship journey through a number of business incubator & accelerator programs coupled with hands-on training that transforms job seekers into job creators. One of SEIC’s most sought after programs is the SEED Launch Pad (SLP). SLP is a course taught in Silicon Valley and in more than 350 leading universities in the USA. It targets startups who are committed to launching their ideas or small and medium businesses who are keen on boosting the performance of their existing organizations. At the end of SLP, the entrepreneur would have found proper solutions and established a unique business model that reflects a real need in the market and is repeatable and scalable.

“Launching your business idea or boost performance in your existing business!”


This program is ideal for incubators and accelerators who aim to provide entrepreneurs with training that yields real-time results.
The SLP process builds new ventures rapidly and efficiently. It has three parts:

  • A business model canvas to frame hypotheses;
  • Customer development and validation of hypotheses; and
  • Agile engineering to build minimum viable products.

In order to provide entrepreneurs with an eco-system abundant in guidance and support, we have partnered with a number of UAE leading incubators and business hubs. Our biggest SME supporter in UAE is Dubai SME, an agency of the Department of Economic Development of Dubai government .
The course is offered in both Arabic and English languages and is taught by UAE business gurus who act as mentors and potential investors.

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