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Innovation Training for Organizations


Staying ahead of the curve in today’s business world necessitates transforming organizations into innovative machines churning out products coveted by customers.

Despite large organizational investments of time and money, more often than not innovation initiatives fail, and successful ones are hard to sustain. What is the secret sauce to the likes of Apple and Tesla? How can you build an innovation strategy that is effective and sustainable?

“unleash the
power of your thinking potential”


Drawing on techniques and exercises developed by leading experts in the innovation field, and leveraging the Lean Innovation Management principles, SEIC offers a variety of innovation and performance boosting programs that will ensure you achieve the following:

Gain competitive advantage by positioning yourself uniquely;

  • Achieve lateral thinking;
  • Build an environment ripe for creativity within your organization; and
  • Validate new product and service ideas
  • SEIC will help you unleash the power of your thinking potential, which is essential for leading organizational change and solving complex challenges. We support companies and governmental bodies looking to introduce new product lines and services by validating their new business proposition before incurring any hefty costs related to production and implementation.
  • Through hands-on exercises and in-group discussions, you will master the art of critical thinking, data visualization and design thinking. As a result, you will become an agent of sustainable growth within your organization.
  • Programs are offered in both Arabic and English languages.

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